wet floor back passenger side Driver side floorboard wet. Is there any way to stop this? It's been hot the past few day and the air has been running hard. At first I thought it was due to rain and I might have a leak,but it hasn't rained in 3-4 days now and I just noticed it's wet again. Water present on the floorboard is usually caused by one of two things. Water may be entering at the roof seam and traveling along until it has the opportunity to come through the paneling and run down the back wall. Sep 24, 2011 · The first time it happened, the rear passenger carpet floor was soaking wet along with the floor mat. Kerriann: You said the carpet got wet AFTER driving a few miles. We took some time to Anyway, we've been getting an unprecedented amount of rain here in Northern Nevada over the last few weeks. I thought nothing of it. Dec 29, 2010 · The carpet is moist along the back carpeted wall and gets more wet in the corner where the wall meets the floor. The A200 does not have a sun roof, so its not blocked drain pipes from that. What I found was the a/c drain tube comes through the firewall on the passenger side. Checked any signs of external water leak but all looked ok, The seats were dry and all the other side floor (driver and rear) are fine too. I then dried the floor with a hair dryer, and today it rained a LOT. I had the same problem of wet floors from the air conditioning. I tracked the water by removal of the kick panel (the black plastic clip holding it to the floor actually unscrews) and found it coming down the A pillar. Issue: I have an '06 Tundra double cab 4x4. Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. Opened to look at rain channel and saw that there was a pool of water on the front left where I'd assume is should be exiting from a drain tube. Hot coolant flows from the engine, where heat is absorbed, and taken to the car's heater core when you turn on the heater. Good luck getting your Nitro all fixed up. Any how to's or DIY on the process to remove the seats? I bought a wet vac and sucked up as much water as i can from the surface, but now i need to dry out the padding underneath carpet. Rained the next day, and found standing water (approx 1/2 inch deep) in the driver side foot well, with the passenger side somewhat wet as well. . Water seems to be running out of the bead under the attached sheet metal. You will want to do this anyway because you want to dry out the carpet and the pad underneath. Do they go bad and where e … read more See full list on diy-time. The car normally is in garage, two days ago it was outside in a rainstorm. I believe it was passenger side, and ended up being something with a plug missing in the firewall or something? Vehicles Affected: MINI Cooper & Cooper "S" (All models 2007-2014) If you have wet carpet on the passenger floor, or have a damp mildew smell in your vehicle. 1 - I try to park under a carport 99% of the time - easier on glass water-staining and paint 2 - body is aluminum, water does not really affect it like steel, doubt it will ever cause a problem if it leaks forever. Feb 26, 2007 · I went to wash my '85 900S notchback yesterday, I lifted up the mats and the floor on the front passenger's side was soaked, I had this problem a few years ago and I thought I'd fixed it. Took me forever to track down this leak since it snaked along the rear of the cab and down under the passenger seat. When I pulled up the carpeted mat it's thoroughly wet! Not a trace of water anywhere else, except the carpet under it is So I get home from western NY today after celebrating the 4th with family and return to my 2003 Impala LS parked outside in MD, and when I go to put in some new floor mats, I found the floor area (where a floor mat goes) of the passenger side was soaking wet. I cleaned out the drains in the cowl (which desperately needed it) but that didn’t solve it. May 29, 2018 · Wet rear passenger side floor. coolant leak, rear passenger floor carpet is wet with coolan Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. Required all new carpeting. com If so it can be the drains for the sun roof are clogged or the drain hose out of place. . No problems at all so far, except for water on the passenger side floor pans. Only on the passenger side on the floor. I touch the floor mat on the front passenger side and it was WET. Back rear passenger seat wet starting to go moldy as well as boot/trunk only on passengers side had it checked today by crash repairs and all windows and door seals fine have a apt with ford dealership service department next week but hoping to get some answers before as cant afford much. I dropped something and was looking for it I put my hand on the floor the mat is soaking wet. I was thinking it might be a window leak because water was condensing on the front corners of the window throughout the day. There are drain plugs located in the middle of both of these spots. Usually, the seal fails and water leaks to the passenger side rear floor. Poked around and found a couple of things worth registering: 1. The passenger's side carpet is dry as a bone, which seems to rule out the AC drain tube on the passenger side. 88 @ 138 - Converter not locking up Oct 14, 2017 · I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue, and Was cleaning out my car and noticed that both the carpets on the passenger and driver side were soaked. I notices once our rainy season began here in Florida that the drivers side floor mat seemed wet felt it and sure nuf was very wet and with the heat mid to upper nineties every day today I got in car and there is a white mold growing on the floor mat going up the hump. I pulled over for a second and I felt up under the glove box and the wires and plastic pieces under there were wet. Under the dash (visible by removal of the glove box) was dry. These leaks aren't always huge, so the only indication is wet carpet. Look under the car where the rear floorboard is and you should see a drain plug type hole. front passenger floor board was wet after rain or car wash. Jan 27, 2019 · A car’s air conditioner needs to do something with the moisture it removes from the air inside the passenger compartment. The rear passenger floor board is soaked every time it rains. When it rained VERY hard, I got water on the floorboard from my passenger side, dripping from what appeared to be the bottom of the heater core. It's hard to be sure, but it seems to be worse in the area of the door pillar on the passenger side (again indicating the sunroof). Jul 28, 2013 · if its wet in the front and back then its definitely not coming from the a/c drain line. Rear passenger side floor wet Car was out in the rain for about an hour yesterday. To a much Apr 24, 2012 · I have the same issue. Almost impossible to see without getting the car lifted quite high. 00 after S&H. There is no leaks in none of the door seals or anything. To get the rear ones, you need to park your car on a slope with the rear facing downwards to let gravity take it back. There should be a plug there but sometimes they come out and that will cause your floor to get wet when you drive on wet roads. Once water has made it inside your holding about 4 or 5 gallons under the floorboard. The other day as I was getting my son out of his car seat (rear passenger side) was sopping wet. This black cover is about 2"x6" in size. drain lines off of the sunroof, 3rd brake light Apr 24, 2012 · Both passenger side doors (front and rear) leak water onto the floor mats every time it rains. I then noticed the water was also in the front passenger side. determined that the sunroof drain tubes on that side had not been connected during manufature. However on week 3 of owning it I noticed the floors were soaked on the passenger side front and back when I went to vacuum it out. My 99, 1. I noticed water on the floor behind driver seat (puddle of water), wet front driver-side floor/carpet, damp right front and back floor pannels. If these get disconnected, the water will find its way down the side of the rear seat, under the rear seat cushion and end up in the footwells. Nov 05, 2014 · More than likely from the grommet near the pollen filter. Upon further inspection I determined it was not coming from the fire wall. As far as the front floor, it's possible that the rear floor is draining into the front, but is more likely from the battery tray or the front sunroof drain. I think it's just water? but how! thanks. Was told after the 3rd time that the problem was fixed, only to have it leaking while driving away from the I have noticed yesterday that the back passenger side floor is soaking wet. . We bought it new and it now has 8472 miles on it. Day later found out driver side front was also wet, took out that mat, still damp. My Second thought was the window was down just enough or the sun roof I also poured a bunch of water under the passenger side windshield wiper, and i saw it draining to under the car too. I removed the glove box and also the plastic kick cover under the glove box. The drivers side passenger windows no longer works. Check to see if the rear footwell is wet as well. Yeah, check the cowling right at the lower part of the windshield. It has rained recently, but I couldn't tell where the water was coming from. Maybe you had the passenger windows down a little bit when it rained and got that side's floor wet several days ago. I noticed that the driver side footwell carpet and floor mat are wet. The water was falling onto the headliner, then running down along the inside of the windshield pillar (passenger side), alongside the side of the dash and onto the floor. This area is inside of the first AND second weather seal, so it can go right into the cabin. There have been class action lawsuits for plenum drainage problems in the front of vehicles and for the faulty drainage in sunroofs. I live in Seattle so - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I'm still getting water on the passenger floor mat and on the passenger side of the dash theres a plstic cover like a fuse door with Jul 05, 2018 · So pulled the rear mat out popped the seat down and checked the rear passenger side cabin vent. Now how the water gets ot the back seat is a mystery, but it does. Solution: Short term. I had the problem with my rear passenger floor getting an inch deep with water when it rained, and it turned out to be the rear passenger drain was plugged. I had found that the rear passenger side wall behind the seat, there is a vent that allows a certain amount of air to circulate inside, Its located between the TUB and the rear chassis wall, its a black plastic vent with a seal around it. I have the passenger seat taken out, carpet pulled back and there is a lot of puddled water on the pan and the foam is soaked. Now remove it out the back passenger door. View 4 Replies Passat (B5) :: Water Leak In Passenger Side Floor. May 29, 2018 · Hi guys, first post here and I'm looking for some advice. Front foot well is dry. Regular & Double Cabs are probably built the same. I took it out yesterday and found that there was a puddle of water sloshing around the passenger side rear floor. Upon further inspection I determined it was not coming from the fire wall. If the vertical carpet panel from the footwell to the rear seat is as wet as the footwell, it'll likely be the gutters. Running a hose works if you can expose enough to see where it enters. Another possibility besides the cabin filter drain is the A/C condensation drain. Before you pull it out lean it back and u plug the 3 wiring harnesses. So today i just decided to check up on it and noticed its wet again and Jun 30, 2010 · I was reading the past posts and I have a similar problem. I cannot find any leaks through the rear door seals, as these are tight. Our 2009 Sienna LE passenger side and driver side carpet are both soaked - with the passenger side wetter. What you referring to is this: the A/C evaporator core inside the the vehicle - usually in the passenger side (or could be center dash on some vehicles) During A/C operation it is being much colder than ambient air. I didn't have time to get a good look to see where it could have came from. has anyone else had the problem of water getting inside some how ? i have a 06 ZX3 thanks if some one knows Feb 17, 2018 · Then the rear window. May 27, 2018 · For the past few week ive noticed my front passenger side carpet getting wet. Oct 19, 2009 · Wet vac will get a lot of the water out of the carpet - if you don't have one, go to one of those coin operated car washes and work at it. So, I think it's definitely coming from underneath the car, but why? I don't know about the v but I've had a couple gm cars have had wet passenger side floors from a bad heater core. I have checked to make sure the weather seals are good and that when the water is poured down the windshield it is not leaking passed the cowl. I pulled the glovebox to do a little digging and found that the source of the water was the HVAC cutout on the firewall. The leak is indeed from under the dashboard on the passenger side. The floor was soaked. If you can locate the tube, get a large pipe cleaner from the hardware store and just run it up and down the pipe till its cleared. the drivers I checked the rest of the vehicle and i noticed under my rubber floor mats on the passenger side rear floor there is condensation underneath them as well and the floor has a cold damp feeling but very minor. Nothing else was wet, seats were dry, ceiling was dry, inside doors were dry, inside windows were dry. I do not have a sunroof. The seal was no good in a little portion on the passenger side and every heavy rain would flood the passenger floor board. I was able to remove my wipers okay by loosening the nuts holding the wipers and whilst holding the metal arm I hit the top of the stud with the nut still on with a soft face hammer and they came free. Mar 16, 2010 · All 2002 Passats were due a Recall for the pollen filter frame seal, the seal leaked and allowed water to enter the car on the passenger front floor. After heavy rains we were seeing water in the passenger footwell. If your seals are rotted then they s/b changed. I lifted up the carpet to find a HUGE puddle of standing water. Front passenger carpet was wet also. Took out floor mat and that area seems to be drying up. I looked over to my passenger side floor and under the glove box area was water. If you leave it in the vehicle to dry it will start to smell. The snow we got last week would not have melted into my car because it was completely cleaned off before temperatures rose. e. I haven't had this before. 2008 Mdx, found water in passenger floor. Get the hose and have someone spray the outside of that door while you're inside feeling both door sills on that side to see if water is entering there. You will also start to notice the lining on the inside of the doors near all windows will start to lift . Does anyone have water issues and/or ideas where I Dec 14, 2015 · While doing some car work over the weekend, I noticed a wet spot on the rear passenger-side floor mat. The rear is usually more wet than the front, and it soaks up about a bath towel worth of water every time. Took the mat out and was dripping like it's just come out of wash. Regular floor, mat on top, then weather tech finally realized the flood! Who knows for how long. It is ar the bottom of the housing about the size of a quarter. The trickle hits a seam in the tranny tunnel and follows it to the rear. I don't know where it's located at exactly on the G6, but it should be under the car on the passenger side just under where the air box for the A/C is at in the engine compartment. Under seat and back foot well There is not a puddle of water but it is enough to feel dampness in the carpet under the mat (top of rubber floor mat is not wet) and enough to dry up with 2 paper towels, but it keeps coming back. The problem has been there for a couple of years now, so this week I decided to remove the carpets to determine where the water is coming in. After pulling headliner and checking all the obvious possibilities, found my issue. The floor AGAIN is soaking wet. My only car is a 2002 passat 1. Lots of electronic components were in the floor of the passenger side (front). I couldn’t locate any obvious source (no other wet spots on the ceiling, around the door frame, or seats and the windows are rolled up) and I almost never have any people riding in the back so it’s not like someone spilled something and didn’t tell me. This has happened twice already - San Francisco bay area gets rain mostly in winter months. Turned out to be a leak between the bed and the cab. coolant leak, rear passenger floor carpet is wet with coolan Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. separate issue. The passenger side floorboard gets wet = is it only when the ac is on? there is a pan under the ac unit that has a hole in it to allow the condensation to empty. Floor carpeting was soaking wet. Under body - all welds were fine - could not see any areas where water would (ISSUE) rear passenger side flooring damp and door shut pooling water Body Damage So recently I came to my car and the floor of the rear passenger side was soaking wet. After clipping it in the best i could decided to blast water all over the back of the truck and water started filling up in the wire trough again. I got home and removed the front carpet and sound deadening, the tar paper was all broken up on the passenger's side from being saturated so long. It may be that the front tire spraying the floorboard is allowing water to get through a joint in the floor pan. As you can see in the picture, the weld on the rear of the cab was not done properly. I have a 2010 Focus that every time it rains my passenger side front and back floor boards are wet. After sitting in the back seat in rain, to find the leak, it seems that the water is seeping in through the top door seal, down around the inside door frame an under the carpet in the The front floor of the passenger side was less wet because the water flowed to the rear which was a lower and puddled there. There are four of them, one at each corner. The heater core is heated by the engine coolant. The floor on the rear passenger side is soaking wet. Watch it! There's a fuse box under that floor panel! The dealer tried to run a wire up from the engine compartment side but there is a 90 hard degree bend where it comes through the fire wall. Drain holes underneath, which can be cleared with a wire coathanger or similar - see picture. Nov 30, 2010 · The floor on the driver and passenger side gets wet. Nov 27, 2018 · Otherwise, your vehicle's heater may stop working, and you'll continue to get a damp passenger floor mat. Removed the plug under the car and water flowed out, everything dried out so figured a door/window had maybe been left open. Today after a hard rain and the truck was parked on a slight decline towards the rear of the vehicle, I noticed water on the passenger side floor mat. I checked heater core and it's perfect. I had this same probem with an '02 Focus. As for the rear wash wiper I have no idea Best lift off the flooring and start drying! Because water is pooling up on the floor at the rear corners of the unit doesn’t always mean the moisture is coming in through the vertical corner seams. to get wet after heavy rain, or washing. where the heels of your feet would reside of the rear passenger). My A200 has developed wet carpet behind the passengers front seat (NZ here, so drivers side is on the right). da fugg? anyone have a clue, it's not coolant I checked the color. I assumed that the water was getting in the hole in the cowl vent cover. Car was in my drive way, which is tilted up with the nose of the car parked pointing up. You can take off the Inner A column covers and check and may have to pull back some of the roof liner panel. For a bit of knowledge, I have rubber floor mats that are NOT wet, but the carpet mat and the floor boards are both soaked. Thought it may have been the carpet still drying from a pre-delivery detail or similar. Unclip the door entry/scuff trim panel and lift the carpeting to check. Searching online was of little use, some suggestions of boot/trunk seals and rear quarter lights. Sounds like the AC condensate line to me too, there is a hose under the hood by the firewall on the passenger side. WHY FLOOR IS WET ON PASSENGER SIDE | FLOOR MAT CARPET WET | CAR SMELLS WETIn this video we will explain why your car carpet on the passenger side may be wet If you are experiencing water on the passenger side floor of your car or truck, and if it's not antifreeze, 99% of the time it is a simple fix: unclog the ex The next time the AC is used, and you stop somewhere, look under the vehicle behind the passenger side front tire. My passenger side floor mat is constantly soaking wet. The way to find this is to first remove the carpet from the side that is wet. 2020 Highlander Plat, 2000 Camry LE Joined Jul 9 This would account for both the water slosh you hear and for the water on the floor boards on the passenger side. Note: No water on floor of passenger side of the car. I really don't know where this would have come from. com. It appears that it gets more wet when I drive. Wet Seat Belt My passenger belt also gets wet in a hard rain, I read that it is a pain to fix. The drain on the firewall is clean and water does flow out. It is in the footwell area only. Put a towel on the passenger (right) side floor. My very first thought was Heater Core. Sep 05, 2016 · Why is passenger side carpet wet? When you have an issues where you find the passenger side carpet wet, that water can come from only two places: either the windshield seal is leaking or the condensation drain from the A/C evaporator coil is plugged. No luck. Pulled out the wet vac and got as much up as possible but the under-padding is still soaked and the interior smells of milder in Nov 16, 2013 · First my front passenger side floor was wet, now my the back floor is wet too. Best of luck with your finds, (ISSUE) rear passenger side flooring damp and door shut pooling water Body Damage So recently I came to my car and the floor of the rear passenger side was soaking wet. It drains the water onto the ground under the car, via a rubber hose. There is a bit of seepage under the back seat as well, damp, but not enough to actually leak down into the floor panel. So i just used a leaf blower and dried it off. Was lucky that dealer did a water test, saw water coming in under carpet. I've had a water leak in the passenger side floor. I started noticing a funny smell a few days ago and wasn't sure what it was. Anyway, pulled back the mat, dried it out and no more smell. The first time, I thought it must have been my fault: not closing the window. I just bought a Mazda Protégé 2002 and a few weeks later I noticed a damp spot on the back passenger side floor. Anyone know where would be a good place to start looking for the leak? Its still under warranty but Ive always had problems going up to landers and getting them to solve the problem so Im May 14, 2011 · Hi all. Last night it happened again, this time the rear passenger floor carpet was wet but the floor mat was only damp. Average failure mileage is 59,900 miles. that will cause water to run down behind the rear seat, puddle under the seat, and ultimately the floorboard in the rear. Like many RAV4 owners, GB’s RAV4 was repeatedly getting wet on the passenger side. * I quickly ruled that out mainly because the heater still worked 2. The mats are not wet which means its running under the mats. If water pours out, there is a block between the black hose and the outlet under the car. A crack in the cowl area (not under the battery) near the blower causes a leak down the inside of the passenger footwell. ACTION. I've alread recieved a new interior carpet from www. custominteriors. if that hole gets plugged it could cause the condensation to build up and back into the inside of that car. Forged short block - Wcch heads - kong 2650 - Derek Dunbar tuned. The carpet pad on the generation 2 Mini Cooper is almost 2 inches thick. This is principally meant for water that comes off of the windscreen. Dec 15, 2014 · Sure enough, the passenger side floor is wet again - mostly in the rear, but also a little in the front. Check the cabin air filter for water / wet. It is caused from a a vaccum hose that is broke or loose. Remove side carpet push pins and A-pillar window weather stripping retainer, move the carpet aside. coolant leak, rear passenger floor carpet is wet with coolan Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. I thought i left a window or sunroof open on accident while it was raining the day before. For some reason, sometimes the front driver and rear passenger floor is wet. . Okay I have done extensive work on tracking down why my passenger side carpet was getting soaking wet with water. pimpin-tl · Premium Member. There is styrofoam underneath the driver side, and all the water travels to the back where it puddles. Start with the 3rd brake light. Same process for both sides. I don't know about this vehicle, but many other models of cars had the heater core in the footwell area (typically passenger side). By the look of the coorostion on the foam it appears to originate in the back portion of the floor pan (i. My latest saga is water getting into the cabin!! At first I thought it was just the rear foot wells. no I need to sort the drivers foot well. I pulled up the carpet and it's wet under there, I checked the plugs that go into the body and they are good. On very humid days, the water will pour out of the air conditioner drain onto the ground like from a faucet, until the cabin humidity is almost gone. NOT CHEAP. Instead of removing the front carpets altogether I opt for lifting the carpet on the passenger side and let water drip down for a day with floor bungs out. The driver's side was under water. If you don't have have a sunroof check the heater core again and also check the rear heater under the passenger seat The carpet was wet on the passenger side. I noticed wet spots on the passenger side carpets. it`s this, i have discovered water in the passenger footwell, had the carpet and sound proofing out and dried. The couple dark spots you see on rear passenger foot well is acid from an unsealed marine battery from 7 years ago. The moon-roof and door edges are completely dry. The heat gun did not help, because the carpet was fully drawn. Run a garden hose along your front window trim and see if water is running to the floor or through the side floor vent hole. I checked the back seat flooring and passenger side front seat flooring, all dry. Jul 02, 2014 · They are usually a plastic tube that runs down the pillar between front and back seat and dumps on the ground, that breaks or plugs up and then water finds its own path. Jun 12, 2012 · hi everyone , just joined the forum,i hope someone can help me with my problem. Dec 15, 2008 · Vacuum out as much water as you can, pull the carpet back as much as you can, unhook the battery (make sure you have the radio code), leave the doors open (in your garage of course) and aim fans at the carpet to dry it out. Remove the plastic tail and/or sealer skips around the cowl area, loose panel cover. This ONLY happened during hard rains, nothing to do with air conditioning or the like. First time poster, just wanted to share my experience with a wet floor so we are all informed: 2016 HR-V, EXL, FWD - Day 1: The driver side carpet felt damp, checked under it and the floor was soaked too. Brought to dealer. It is a small hose. I have a 2013 3 Skyactiv hatchback. There is no sign that any water has run down the interior of the car and the mats are never wet on the top, just underneath. Does anybody have any ideas where the water is entering? 12-27-2010, 06:44 PM #8 (ISSUE) rear passenger side flooring damp and door shut pooling water Body Damage So recently I came to my car and the floor of the rear passenger side was soaking wet. I own a 2000 I30. Sep 19, 2006 · Open your hood, look at the cabin air filter box on the passenger's side, and you'll see water channels around the filter housing, emptying into a drain hole. coolant leak, rear passenger floor carpet is wet with coolan Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. Dec 27, 2018 · Mine is an Access Cab. Wet floor boards - posted in Tech Talk: Hey guys Im sure Im not the first to come across this problem but my 2011 JK is leaking water pretty bad and soaking my drivers side floor from the front to the back. The wetness on the car-floor is noticed during hot summer too. Though on the exterior body there is zero rust except a couple small spots on the lip of the hood. Aug 25, 2013 · Day after windshield replacement we had a heavy rain while I was driving. Disassemble and put liberal amounts of white silicon sealer at the deepest point - top and bottom. This appears to be a rare case so keep us informed as to what the actual cause was. I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 and have had this issue for years. Jan 24, 2010 · On further inspection with a flashlight the water looks as though it is coming in through two small holes in the frame, one round one and one oval shaped one, just to the front of the rear wheel, in the passenger floor area. It is either backed up or dislodged. This can happen when the water escape slots get blocked with dirt or bits of leaves. After that, used the towels to take out as much water as I possibly could from the foam bit at the front (not sure what it's called but it was soaking wet. As far back as 2009, we were writing how GMC Acadia drivers were dealing with a water leak problem which was leaving them and their passengers “all wet,” not to mention the floor boards and the electrical systems. in the front of both seats on the Passenger side. take a hose and pour water on front window, door or anywhere it could leak and try to pinpoint where its leaking. I've noticed now on two occasions that I've had water on my passenger's side floor mat and under the mat. May 08, 2018 · A damp carpet or water on floor passenger side situation can be caused by a plugged AC condensate drain line, a leaking heater core, leaking windshield seal, a problem with sunroof drains or water ingestion from the fresh air intake on your car’s HVAC system. Nov 28, 2012 · My daughter owns a 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT with around 75,000 miles. Dec 27, 2010 · If so check the pollen filter at the bulkhead of the engine bay on the passenger side, it let's in water. Again had hard time diagnosing one of the many problems I have had with this vehicle . I cut the carpet and dried out the floor. Causes of a Wet Passenger Side Floor Mat #1: Bad Heater Core. Aug 24, 2009 · The floor on the passenger side of my Yaris has recently started to get very wet when it rains or after I've washed my car. 8 . Sunroof drains have been checked. I'm guessing here so don't come down to hard on me. Jan 16, 2020 · Well yesterday was a bad day, I found a nice 8 inch by 8 inch wet spot on my driver side carpet. Jan 28, 2017 · Lots of water collecting in the rear passenger (ie left) footwell and under the passenger seat when it rained. I suspect it may be coming from what appears to be an air or heating vent under the passenger side front seat. If you have a crew cab see if the rear seat belt attached to the side of the cab is damp and feel for water signs along the rear sill plate chances are it's wet. Could also be the sunroof drain as you suspected. Later I noticed the smell grew larger and the vapor on the glass grew heavier. The carpet under the drivers and passenger floor mats have normal winter dampness, I noticed the drivers side seat belt bolt is rusty and the seat belt webbing is wet about 3 inches up. I park at an incline with the rear higher than the front but not all the time. When there is water on the passenger side of the car, investigate these two areas: Aug 12, 2015 · We recently had a reader write in asking for help with a RAV4 with a wet passenger floor. 2. water driver's side Two weeks ago, my Eclipse was undercoated. Very wet. Sadly, the problem is now occurring in newer GMC Acadia Vehicles as well. This was a thread from a week ago and it sounds just like yours, but the passenger footwell. Usually you can locate the drain tube underneath the truck on passenger side. The passenger side floor board is wet causing the carpet to stay damp. If not, the clog may be in the white box. And it was the third brake light: Wet floor, looking for ideas on possible leak source Good Dec 11, 2014 · Wet floor boards - posted in Tech Talk: Hi I just bought at 2011 Jeep Wrangler and i noticed the passenger side floor board under the mat was soaked one day. The carpet by the door bottom is dry. I checked the back seat flooring and passenger side front seat flooring, all dry. If that hose gets plugged up, the water will back up and drip on the passenger's floor. Any advice would be great! Feb 06, 2018 · I hope someone can help me. The only thing wet was the rear passnger floor carpet and floor mat. a puddle on the rear passenger floor and asked them to look into it. Usually the dumb dumb in the floor vent hardens and leaks here. It has had mold and smells awful. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ed. Mar 21, 2019 · The Reasons For Car Leaking Water On Passenger Side A car needs different types of liquids to operate but only two systems use water-based fluids. The dealership had had it back in the shop 8 to 10 times since April 12, 2018 and cannot figure it Baffled, I got out of the van, and noticed water dripping on the side that has the rear heater core monted just under front passenger seat. Its not coming from the poo sealing on the doors, windows, or windshield. But last night noticed it was wet again and so was the driver side. When I'm driving the carpet becomes so saturated that small pools of water form. Very wet and soaked. See if rear carpet is soaked as well Aug 31, 2019 · Passenger side rear footwell was soaking wet, soaked a book that had fallen on the floor. I had to take out the passenger seat, cut the carpet along the crossmember, fold the carpet back and remove the jute backing to wring it out I couldn't believe the amt of water that squeezed out! Dec 05, 2015 · to check sunroof drains use a cup of water, open the roof, stand in your car and SLOWLY pour water into each corner of the sunroof tray, one at a time. Nov 01, 2018 · Wet Passeenger Floor Under the all weather mats made into the carpet, there is a black plastic snapped on cover, when you unsnap this cover the frame number is stamped into the metal floor panel. The plastic housing under the glove box is cold and wet. Door seals on the passenger side are good except for slight damage at the I have a brand new 2020 Jeep Compass. I found another thread mentioning a drain behind the side panel of the passenger-side foot well (un-clipped easily). The driver side is usually damp and the passenger side floor is soaked, squishy, like a wet sponge. There is a tubular air intake stack on the passenger side by the firewall. There should be water dripping onto the ground. ? 2012 Spicy Red Forte EX Sedan, 6 Speed Automatic, Sunroof and 16" Factory 10 Spoke Alloy Wheels & "General Altimax RT43 215/55/r16 tires, K & N replacement Air Filter, I use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil Jan 06, 2010 · #PIC5283: Water Leak Into Passenger Compartment From Rear Doors - keywords wet - (Nov 20, 2009) Subject: Water leak into passenger compartment from rear doors Models: 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 Dec 12, 2014 · Checked the passenger side and it was wet too. Now I am leaning toward the windshield maybe. Likely leaves have blocked it. I immediately called my trusted service guy to see (Wet Rear Passenger Floor) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts and has left holes in the side of the drain channel. I recall some people have reproduced the problem when washing the car. We had thousands of dollars in damage for standing water caused by a clogged plenum drain. My passenger floor is wet, just damp. driver side carpet wet I have a 2012 Colorado and I also noticed the carpet wet only by the door sill. The water is coming from a length of rubber hose about 7 or 8 inches long that runs underneath the glovebox. EDIT After watching Erics vid I realise I do not know for a fact that the drains will run down the center pillar between the doors. 2-3 weeks ago we got in the car to go somewhere and noticed the rubber floor mat was full of water on the passenger front floor. Now, i'm noticing this happening after every rain. Check the boot I mention on my previous post, it's a bad design so if you go through a large puddles lots of water enters the cabin. Then if you determine that it is the passenger side floor, and it seems to be wet all the time, not just when it rains, then you probably don’t have a leak in the body, most likely your heater core has started leaking coolant. A similar problem could occur with the car's heater system. It seems to be coming from the engine area into the car. Check NTB08-069 Service Campaign on rear sill plate NTB08-101a 2007-2009 VERSA; DRIVER’S AND/OR PASSENGER FLOOR CARPET WET The AC drain in the sedan is located on the passenger side just under the radio console. It's nearly impossible to get to from the outside without removing If you don't have that then you are correct it is coming in from the cowl area most likely. The passenger side-floor is pretty wet so I think it's related to the air-con not draining properly. Well today I went to remove the passenger side floor mat to shake off some dirt and noticed the back of the floor mat and the floor were wet. My car has an automatic transmission. Water on floor passenger side from clogged AC condensate drain I have a 99 Camry with rubber floor mats. I made a water channel in the 2nd (inner) weather seal to allow the water to go out. Rotted floorboard or a punctured but covered floorboard if it gets wet while driving , windshield seal or body seam if it happens sitting still in the rain . This car was getting wet on the right hand rear seat behind the driver. The A/C removes lots of moisture from the air and sends it to the ground through a hose on the passenger's side. Feb 25, 2019 · 2016 Jeep Wrangler soaking wet after rains under passenger floor mat and rear passenger under bench seat. Mar 29, 2010 · In my case the rear passenger was soaked and I had some wet spot in the front passenger as well. Pulled back the mat and dried it out. Jun 22, 2014 · On the passenger side they all warp, and water can come in through the cabin air filter. The Monte has been parked more than driven over the past year. It also seems to be much wetter nearer to the seat than in the part where you put your feet. Oct 05, 2015 · If the seal is at all leaking, when water (rain) is channeled by it, it "sucks" the water in and down the vent and out the vent under the passenger seat. Aug 23, 2014 · Whenever I turn on my a/c, the passenger side of my car gets a bad leak where water(it is water, not coolant, had that verified) drips in on the floor and soaks my carpet and floor pad. No signs of water anywhere but the floor. . I know about the drain in the firewall and the moon roof drains. Additionally, it could be a blocked A/C drain hose. Took off from work a few days ago after an all day pour, and heard sloshing of water along the passenger side of the car when I took off and stopped. See the photo below, the area in red is where it was wet after driving only a short distance. If you have a sun roof, then that is a prime culprit. Sep 22, 2010 · BUT, my rear driver-side floor still gets soaking wet. Only notice this when the car is parked, not driving. The 2008 Dodge Caliber has 6 problems reported for water on floor. It could be: The vapor barrier inside the door is ripped allowing water to run into the interior. Get in about an hour ago, and reach for a the passenger side is much more saturated and more difficult to dry since it looks like i need to remove the rear seats in order to pull up the carpet. I too was experiencing water buildup (lots) in the rear passenger footwell. Yesterday, after several rains, I opened the car. The cabin vent was not clipped in all the way and was leaking a little. Jul 28, 2015 · There was a thread on here where a new owner had water coming in. Since this carpet has a thick foam padding, the water never showed up in the carpet! Why does my floor board behind my passenger seat keep getting wet in my 98 buick lasaber V6. com Nov 08, 2020 · Carpet on passenger side soaked and backseat as well. Then it fills the rear passenger floor. the passenger front seems totally fine the floor is dry and no condensation under the mats. Let dry for a day then reassemble. Joe Mayers, Louisiana The Rainy State . So that kind of explained that water was in the back passenger floor pannel. So, after pulling back all the carpet and drying the floor pan out and replacing the underlay, the problem arose again after some night time rain. The heater core is like a small radiator. Pull the rear seat cushion and have a look for water movement (ie coming from back forwards). It is in the very front of the car and points up ands to the passenger side. We have been getting a lot of rain here in sunny CA. It’s between the car body and a silver heat shield. My car has 80000 miles. These need to be sealed shut. And I noticed this morning that my passenger back floor was soaking wet. I removed the door panels to verify that the holes at the bottom of the doors were not obstructed. On the front passenger side I had the factory carpeted mat with the Ford OEM all weather mat on top of it. So far, we have had a local mechanic (reputable) check the following: 1. Fishing a weed-eater line down it hasn't helped, but it was a pretty thin guage. The slope on the floor means water from the from runs to the back, plus sound deadening material at the front is thicker, so a leak at the front is first noticed in the rear footwell. It is coming from the rear of the cab near the black plastic cover or through the rear brakelight/bed lamps. hey so lately i have noticed that my passenger side floor mat has been wet when ever it rains out and i have not driven my car at all so no one was tracking the water in. and welcome to the forum. Do this in a dark garage or outside at night. A week later I checked the back seat floor and that same side was damp (not as wet as before) under the mat and again a little condensation on the backside of the mat. The only thing I can think of is my pollen/air filter (according to other websites). Drop me a PM with your e-mail and I'll send you a link to a how to do it, if that turns out to be the problem. I do have a sunroof but I cannot find a leak anywhere in the car however something is causing the wetness. i unplugged mine and floor stayed dry See full list on axleaddict. 8L, Turbo, Automatic, USA Passat is always wet on the rear passenger side [right on back passenger side], rain or shine. Air is then blown over the heater core, by the blower motor when the heater is on, to heat the passenger compartment. 1 karlbar2k Oct 02, 2009 · Wet driver side back seat wet floor 2005 X3 After heavy rains I find substantial water (2-3 quarts) at a time, only in the foot well in the driver side back seat. Sep 17, 2013 · I discovered a couple of days ago that the carpets were wet on the passenger side of my car front and back. i`ve checked floor pan and door seals all seem ok have herd it may b I had the same issue. heator core is on the passenger side so there shouldn't be antifreeze on the driverside. then 2 days later wet ,very wet again. All windows, doors, sunroof was closed. Jun 27, 2014 at 12:53 PM #4. May 24, 2013 · It gets clogged up with gunk and when the condensation builds it overflows, which soaks the carpet on the passenger side. In the past when it was outside in the rain I would notice the drivers side seatbelt would be damp. The top of the floor mat isn't wet, but under it is. Feb 07, 2013 · in my experience dealing with vauxhall and opel cars a wet floor is usually caused by a pool gathering under the landing panel which is the area in front of the windscreen under the black plastic panel where the wiper motor is housed. You will need a t50 bit to remove 4 bolts that hold the seat in. End of March 2019: Dried up with toweling after last rain, then rained again and problem back. $310. Oct 28, 2015 · Water leak - passenger side footwell getting wet?!?! « Reply #1 on: October 30, 2012, 06:16:34 PM » It's raining like crazy today and when i got into my truck at lunch i noticed the carpet on the floor in front of the passenger seat was a little damp. Mar 11, 2014 · I have a 2013 Nissan Altima that keeps getting water on the floor in the rear passenger side only. I currently can’t locate the source of a leak that’s leaving the drivers side passenger footwell and under the rear seat soaking wet. Any idea where around the firewall it could be coming from? After any significant amount of rain, the passenger floor would be wet UNDER the rubber floor mat and not on top of it. Hardly any AC is So the other day I was driving in a heavy storm and ran into standing water on the road unlike I have ever driven through before with any vehicle. I've had it for one month and my floor boards kept getting wet and the dealership said it was due to my rubber mats and condensation. Get a friend to run a hose around that side of the top with you sitting in the passenger side - let the water cascade off - not directed pressure - see if you can figure out where it is coming in. The carpet up by the pedals is also dry. If you don’t see water dripping onto the ground, the evaporator condensate drain tube is plugged, and the water is running down the inside firewall, under the carpet into the back seat floor. Locate the body vents misaligned body harness grommet through the in the lower rear corners of the trunk (rear of Jun 29, 2012 · Traverse runs great, first time we have had an issue with it was yesterday when we noticed that every time we turn water is pouring out from under the passenger side glove box onto the floor. Jump to Pulled weather tech floor mat out and was pretty damp on the underside. I stripped the interior out, and found a pool of water under the rear bench on the right hand side (unsurprisingly) and the seat foam was pretty wet too. You will also start to notice the lining on the inside of the doors near all windows will start to lift . Couple days later realized rear floor on drivers side SOAKED, trying to dry out now. I vacuumed it up, but the floor still was wet. The rear hatch hinges that are welded to the car, the welds are cracked allowing water into the frame. I had a devil of a time trying to figure out what happened until I found the drain hose through the firewall fitting under the dash on the passenger side was leaking. If not that, then most likely hole in floor, (look from underneath) clogged AC drain, clogged sunroof drain or leaking windshield though those last 3 will result in some dampness in the front carpet at the time of ingress (ie rain). 2013 Prius C and three year owner in Los Angeles. I have no idea what it could be from. (ISSUE) rear passenger side flooring damp and door shut pooling water Body Damage So recently I came to my car and the floor of the rear passenger side was soaking wet. The hose runs down to your left. The passenger front and driver rear are never wet though. These are the engine cooling and windshield washing systems. 2013 Premium. It is located on the 1. Clean the drain flap on the passanger side of the fresh air intake by heater core. Apr 26, 2015 · Hello all, today I went out to vacuum my 2015 200 Limited and noticed the back passenger floor was decently wet. I know a few others have had this problem before. We have problems with the floor in the passenger's back collecting water. If you don't dry it out, it will stagnate and begin to smell. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was dripping out of the floor vent on the passenger side. I have taken apart the dash and cleaned out the AC ducts and replaced the filter. Felt under the steering wheel, but didn't notice any leak or liquid, or the check engine light. The tubes are located on both the passenger and drivers side A column, and I think there are some rear tubes in the B column as well. Took it in and they said nothing was leaking. The A/C evaporator collects condensation which normally drips harmlessly onto the road through a drain hose -- but if the drain hose gets clogged with foreign debris, the condensation can back up in the system and leak into your vehicle's interior on the passenger side. I have checked around the doors and sunroof but have found no evidence of faulty gaskets to allow water inside. car just serviced and MOT beginning of the week and all fine. Take your passenger seat out. This is likely due to leaking climate control condensate. I noticed a rubbing/sizzle noise when I was turning left, then saw water dripping on the passenger side front carpet. Also verify the pass-through door harness grommet (between the door hinges) has not unclipped or come loose, allowing water entry into the cabin. Unplug the rubber tube coming out of the white plastic box. I checked every seal and I can't find the leak. Apr 11, 2008 · I have a 1999 STS. This was an Audi. Wet floor in rear passenger side area. We have had some heavy rains I had a nasty water leak on the passenger side floor front and rear, and i replaced the third brake lamp assembly which stopped my leak behind the rear seat. Oct 22, 2016 · Some 2012-2013 Focus vehicles built on or before 11/12/2012 may exhibit wet carpet on the passenger side front foot well. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. The only thing is, mine doesnt seem to have any moisture in the headliner, A-Pillar, or anywhere else until it gets to the floor. Both passenger side doors (front and rear) leak water onto the floor mats every time it rains. If it was a large leak, you could get standing water on the front and rear floor on the passenger side. One on each side about a foot in from the rear wheel. Shine a trouble light on the rear passenger carpet where the carpet is wet and then look under the car for any light. Some 2012-2013 Focus vehicles built on or before 11/12/2012 may exhibit wet carpet on the passenger-side front foot well. A plugged drain is far more common than a leaking windshield. the drivers side sunroof forward facing drain was about 2mm in diameter, other side much larger, and with some cleaning, it was dirt shrinking the drain hole, think when it gets overwhelmed with water,this goes in the roof lining which on the backside is plastic so doesnt show by just looking up on the roof lining and trickles down the inside remove the floor carpet. I have a 06 coupe with a sunroof. I had no idea where it came from. I'm cleaning the floors to put in my new floor mats right now. Hello, as above my Renault Clio 2 (2000)'s driver side floor is wet, I know there is lots of threads about the sunroof but the sunroof isn't leaking, in heavy rain I would also get a little water in the passengers side roof (by the sunvisor), I hear something about tubes being bloked or something, could someone give me a bit of a clearer picture?? I was vacuuming my Civic today and when I go to the front passenger side and remove the rubber mats I notice the regular mat was very wet; when I remove it, the car carpet itself was even damper all around the edge closer to the door. Its water but I have no clue where its coming from. 2014 F-250 drips water on the passenger side floor. Pour it in any channel and watch as it goes into the drain hole. Answer: I am assuming you mean water gets on the floor when the A/C is on? So about 3 days ago i noticed when i was cleaning my car, the passenger floor was wet. separate issue. Also, I had an oil change a few days ago. It used to be when it would rain, but it can occur when it doesn't rain. Further investigation showed that both the passenger and drivers side carpet (against the firewall) is all wet as well!! I have read a few posts in regards to this as it seems it was a problem with VE's but none with a resolution to the problem. Also didn't rust proof it over the years so underside looks like you might expect. The drivers side passenger windows no Oct 17, 2009 · The driver's side rear floor is absolutely soaked after a heavy rain! We do not feel any water around the roof liner or other carpeting, just the 'well' where a rear passenger riding on the driver's side would put their feet. The seat isn’t wet on top, so it’s getting under it somewhere and then I presume running down into the footwell. 8t on the top front of the aluminum manifold. I had to remove the console, carpet retainers and front passenger seat. I will try compressed air when I get the chance. Pull d the seats and followed the wet floors all the way back to the rear hatch. When it rains heavy water leaks into my car. That should be leaking the water from your AC system (assuming you have it on) You might want to take a quick look in there to see it's not kinked or anything like that. Pulled it in the garage, all is fine. Ive pulled the carpet up and put a towel or 2 underneath to catch it an I let my dad look an smell the liquid. I figured it was just soaking up any water that was left over under the carpet. Problem: Water on passenger floor board after rain (or maybe car wash). I own a 59 plate insignia. You can do this yourself. Several owners have had this happen. Check the passenger floor board or carpet for water saturation. Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 Jan 07, 2014 · My front passenger side was the same it was the pollen filter the water ended up near the seat as it just rolled back and stored there then it ended up running to the back passenger foot well but since I replaced the pollen filter that side don't leak anymore. Water is circulated into the passenger compartment through the heater core. I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 and have had this issue for years. 9. Dec 03, 2015 · After peeling back the carpet in all corners front and back, I was able to determine the leak is from the front passenger side moonroof drain tube. 1. They don't tell you or document what they did to fix it. Days go by maybe it has even been a week and I felt down on the passenger side because I dropped something and there is a substantial amount of water on the floor. Well known faults on some passats and golfs. Winter in Northern Indiana has turned into a Noah's Ark scenario. I have a 2013 C300 and just this past week I noticed that there is water seeping up through the carpet in the rear passenger side of the vehicle. But this time, I am pretty sure it is not the window. Open up the sunroof and clear out the drain holes in the front corners. I checked the rubber drain under the hood, but it was clear and dry. Ok so I have a leak. We have had a few days of rain here in Utah. It will condense/remove moisture form the air- drying the air, Water will deposit on the surface of the evapcore plates. Next night it rained, I looked at the sunroof and could see some (very minor) drips from the sunroof seal towards the front of the car. The solution was simple -- I just lifted the edge of the rubber seal around the windshield, about 1 foot from where it turns down along the pillar, inserted the tip of a silicone caulk gun and filled the channel with silicone. Sep 06, 2015 · Mine was getting wet on the passenger floor when I bought it. Water was coming out through the fan motor! yeah that's right. If they are wet, chances are the rear deck drain line is leaking into the trunk. Jan 16, 2020 · Well yesterday was a bad day, I found a nice 8 inch by 8 inch wet spot on my driver side carpet. This is likely due to leaking climate control condensate. I had suspected a door seal but the absence of water alongside the door carpet proved me wrong. It seems that the water accumulates right where the 2nd weather seal meets the door and then overflows into the cabin. wet floor back passenger side